McAuley provides specialist support for women who have been homeless.

We support women to rebuild their family and community connections, develop their independent living skills, and begin their journey towards independence.


McAuley Houses offer women a safe community in which to live while they regain their health and wellbeing.

Operating in Footscray and Ballarat, McAuley provides longer term housing and support for women who have been homeless.

McAuley House in Footscray supports up to 25 women. McAuley House Ballarat supports up to eight women.

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Advocacy on homelessness

McAuley has led work that researched the issue of why women so often become homeless because of family violence, and have worked with a coalition of organisations to promote an approach called ‘Safe at Home’.

McAuley uses our insights about the unique aspects of homelessness affecting women to advocate for solutions.

42% of requests for support from homeless services are because of family violence.

There has been an 8.3% increase in women's homelessness over the past five years.

99 requests per day for homelessness support are unable to be met.

Natalie: ‘now I never have to leave’

A journey from mental illness and homelessness to a new life

Now living in permanent housing in Footscray, Natalie has a sense of optimism about her future.

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Social inclusion

What's it all about?

Many women living at McAuley House have typically survived, and continue to overcome, many...

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Tania: ‘I saw no future for myself’

Formerly homeless after dealing with addiction and mental health issues, Tania is now living in...

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Tina’s off to the World Cup

It was a life-changing decision when Tina, who had been homeless before she came to us for...

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Our integrated support for women who have been homeless

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