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Hug Pacs: Pampering and wellbeing for women who’ve been homeless – $50

A Hug Pac is about a vision of a new life with new choices and new growth.  It offers women the ability to face a new day and future with new hope.  It is about thriving and living with joy in your heart every day. All items in a Hug Pac are carefully selected to bring comfort and a bit of pampering!

Help children stay at school – $75

Many children miss weeks of schooling when their mothers leave a violent partner. As well as the turmoil of abruptly leaving home, school, kinder and friends, they miss crucial educational milestones. McAuley now provides an education program. Your support can make sure a child’s education doesn’t suffer, just because they need to be kept safe from family violence.

Support new beginnings – $100

Women and children are often forced to leave homes that have become unsafe – fleeing with nothing but the clothes that they are wearing. They need help with basics such as nappies, formula and toys, and if they are unable to return home safely – which happens far too often – they need help  to move to a new home, somewhere safe and affordable to live.  They  need to start again with household essentials, furniture, towels and bedding. Your help can make things less overwhelming at this difficult and lonely time.

Keep women and children safe from violence – $200

This year incidents of family violence continued to increase. There has been an 9.4% rise in reports of violence in the last 12 months of 2020, making it the highest on record. McAuley helps keep women and children safe from violence with 24/7 support, and also helps by connecting to legal help services, mental health support, and direct help for children who have witnessed, and been traumatised by, violence. Without these supports it can be very difficult for women to leave violence and create new beginnings.

All donations are tax deductible and we will send you a receipt to acknowledge your generous gift.


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