Volunteering with McAuley

Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering with us. Volunteer opportunities can be found on our Careers page 

Volunteers are an important part of the fabric of McAuley.  Each volunteer brings skills and experiences that add value to the range of supports and programs that McAuley provides.

Volunteers are drawn to us by a strong desire to give their time to support women and children experiencing homelessness and family violence.

About our volunteering program

Our volunteers are an essential part of our organisation. We couldn’t manage without their support.

Volunteers help women and children move towards safer, better lives, while also gaining a unique and valuable personal experience. We have a wide range of opportunities for people who can spare three to four hours a week or fortnightly.

We can accommodate business or school hours, weekends, and after hours. There are so many ways to get involved!

Benefits of volunteering

You can expect to:

  • gain satisfaction from contributing in a meaningful way
  • use your skills and interests to support women and their children
  • be a member of a team with shared values and goals
  • be valued and appreciated by those you work with
  • learn more about McAuley Community Services for Women and the issues faced by women experiencing homelessness
  • gain a current reference for future study or employment applications
  • add work experience to build your resume.

What’s more, it’s a social environment and while helping others you’re sure to still have fun!

When volunteering is a ‘no-brainer’

When Catherine Noonan was asked whether she’d be interested in being part of McAuley’s new...

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Spotlight on our volunteers: Meet Tracey

‘I am just enjoying being part of it and seeing women grow in confidence and rebuild their lives’ says our volunteer Tracey.

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Spotlight on our volunteers: Meet Helen

More than 40 volunteers are at the centre of our services.

We couldn't manage without wonderful volunteers such as Helen.

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From little things, big things grow when you’re volunteering with McAuley

A former theatre nurse is now finding calm and planting seeds for the future in a special role.

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