McAuley Learning Support

The McAuley Learning Support Program supports children who have been displaced because of family violence and aims to strengthen their connection to learning and their identity as successful students.

Learning gaps due to family violence

Following incidents of family violence, women and children are often forced into hiding or must move multiple times over the course of a year in order to stay safe. For school-age children, this means regularly changing schools, a disruption that can lead them to become disengaged and fall behind their classmates.

Research shows that high levels of absenteeism results in reduced engagement, underdeveloped social skills and a greater likelihood of leaving school prior to completion.

What we provide

McAuley Learning Support provides skilled, volunteer tutors, trained in trauma informed practice, that tailor the program and their approach to meet the age and specific needs of each child, with a strong focus on wellbeing.

Working with the child

We help each child continue their learning journey regardless of physical location. Sessions begin by determining whether a child is ready to learn, or if they simply need support to deal with the trauma in their lives. Over time, the program sets children up for success by leveraging the intrinsic motivations of what they want and need to learn about.

McAuley provides each child with a laptop to connect with volunteers and securely engage in an online environment. A range of learning tools and materials are also supplied to complement sessions.

Working with the family

Tutors work with mothers and primary carers to ensure that they are engaged in their child’s learning process and that routines are supported between sessions. By working with and championing these individuals, we aim to ensure the learning journey is well supported and that independent learning will continue in the future.

Inclusion of carers provides important opportunities to restore relationships often damaged by family violence.

Working with the schools

McAuley liaises with schools to identify the child’s unique learning and social need.

We also provide important updates to schools regarding a child’s progress, including when they are ready to return or start their new school.

Who is eligible for support?

The program is available to children who are clients of any family violence service rather than exclusively McAuley clients. Case managers are able to refer children to the program, where we work with families to determine starting points for learning and allocate a tutor.

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