Children give our education program a big thumbs up

We recently asked the children who are involved in our tutoring program how it’s going for them. Their enthusiastic responses showed that they are having fun and connecting with their tutors – as well as learning some new things.

  • My tutor is very funny. We meet every week and we learn a lot and play games. I have learned about where the West Coast Eagles are from and I like to answer quizzes and play AFL. (Aged 12 years)
  • My tutor comes to our home. We meet every week and we play games and write and read.  I have learned about Aboriginal people and I like to play maths games. (Aged 6 years)
  • I have learned to put words into my dictionary and I like to play Snakes and Ladders. (Aged 5 years)
  • I like to make up words and I learned that boringness is a word. (Aged 8 years)

  • My tutor is a good teacher. We play games and sometimes read.  I have learned English and I would like to read, speak and write English. (Aged 13 years)
  • I would like to learn about robots. (Aged 6 years)
  • My tutor helps me do stuff that I don’t know. She mixes up the things I don’t like with the things I love which really helps me.  We meet every week and we share our feelings.  I have learned to do multiplication and art at the same time.  I like to use counters when I get stuck on Maths questions. (Aged 9 years)
  • My tutor helps me so much with my Maths and she is really kind. We meet every week and we do any homework that I haven’t done.  I have learned how to work with ratios and how to solve equations.  I like to read fantasy books. (Aged 14 years).

Our tutoring program relies on volunteers. Find out more about how it’s addressing the problems that can arise when children’s education is disrupted by family violence, and how you can become a volunteer tutor.