Update: how you can help McAuley deal with COVID 19

McAuley has been doing everything possible to alleviate the impact of the virus by taking practical steps to protect our staff and the people we support.

Some services, such as our community lunches and our outreach work, have been modified in line with government guidelines to contain the disease. Where possible many staff are working remotely and we have suspended the work of our valued volunteers, to protect their wellbeing at this time.

McAuley is an essential service – and our clients are vulnerable to the impact of the virus

Our important work in providing safety and connection for women and children facing family violence and homelessness must continue.

The nature of the virus presents extra challenges to those we support. In times of crisis, home is even less safe for those in abusive relationships. Family violence becomes more frequent and severe. The very steps needed to contain the virus – social distancing and isolation – heighten these risks, especially when other stresses such as unemployment and financial strain are looming.

The impact of the virus is also difficult for women who have been homeless and live at our McAuley House. Many have past experiences of trauma and mental illness, their physical health may have been compromised, and they are more vulnerable to infection. They can also find it harder to deal with the changed behaviours and routines that are required in order to keep the virus in check.

How you can help

McAuley needs your financial support. Day-by-day our needs are changing.

1. Donations

Whilst we can’t receive physical donations at our sites, cash donations are vital in supporting the increase in costs. Visit our COVID 19 appeal page to learn more.

As always supermarket vouchers are also always welcome.

We understand that many of you might be experiencing financial difficulties right now. For those who can keep supporting us we are incredibly grateful.

2. Follow and share

Please follow us on social media  to keep up-to-date and share our posts to your pages. There’s no doubt these are tough times, but with your help we can keep our doors open and make sure we all get through this crisis together.

There are likely to be more incidents of family violence in our community during the coronavirus outbreak. All emergency support services are still operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Find out more at our help page