Amber’s story

The impact of getting into paid employment is about more than financial stability. One young woman, who had left school at 13 and became a mother at only 16, told us she wanted to get a job so her children could see her working.

She had left school in year eight and at 24 she had already experienced a life she described as ‘chaotic’ – marked by a violent relationship, struggles with addiction, family violence, and a battle to manage as a single mum to two children, including one with special needs.

Our McAuley Works program was instrumental in helping her develop her resume, prepare for interviews and linking her with other supports so she was job-ready.

Now that she is working, her children are seeing a mother who is flourishing, and she is proud to now describe herself as a ‘role model’ to her children. She has formed friendships with her new workmates, and is thrilled to know that her work ethic and attitude are so valued by her employer that she is the first one called for extra shifts. After starting work on the factory floor, she was recently promoted to do office work one day per week.