‘A force for good’

Our partnership with Unified Health Group (UHG) is reaping great rewards for the women and children we support – and luckily, they tell us they’re enjoying the connection as much as we are.

They’ve been energetic and hands-on supporters, whether it’s putting together Christmas or Easter egg hampers for children, running a cake bake sale, or donating some of their onsite coffee cart proceeds to us.

They have also literally got their hands dirty by blitzing our rooftop garden in readiness for a visit form the ABC’s Gardening Australia program.

And they have been willing and eager to assist us in ways that are even more innovative and far-reaching. UHG, a company which provides digital solutions for healthcare providers, is now providing two four-week placements for women involved in our McAuley Works program.

McAuley Works supports women who have faced challenges such as family violence, mental health issues and homelessness to find employment. These women have often had a very disrupted work history and have lost skills, and confidence, through their life experiences. While McAuley Works gives them intensive support to become job-ready, the hardest step is often that first one of getting an employer to give them a chance.

The four-week placements at UHG will be invaluable in acquiring skills, confidence and ‘just getting used to the world of work again,’ says UHG’s People and Culture Manager Monique Rajch.

‘The women involved will be paired with a buddy to help them learn their roles – as well as other important things like where to get a good coffee! We know that people just need that first chance, and who knows… it may lead to other opportunities.’

UHG is a certified BCorp company – meaning it has committed itself to be a business which is a ‘force for good in the world’. McAuley is fortunate to be one of four not-for-profit organisations that UHG has chosen to support, after popular vote by its employees.

Monique says they were very keen that their involvement with us is more than token and not just fundraising. ‘We want it to be meaningful, make a real difference, and to grow over time. We’re in it for the long haul.

‘In our organization, volunteering is part of worklife. The employees who came to the garden blitz were nominated for this as a reward for doing well in their jobs.

‘Being involved with McAuley has also had a ripple effect, making us more aware of family violence in general but to also recognize that it may be an issue for our employees, and to think about how we respond.

‘This partnership is giving us a whole new perspective. We are really keen for the connection to keep growing, and to continue exploring ways we can help.’