Research findings on ‘Safe at home’


In 2021 McAuley led an exploration of barriers and facilitators of a ‘Safe at Home’ approach. We convened interested stakeholders who worked together to develop a systems map.

The group developed an action plan which will guide future work, and continues to meet quarterly to address issues.

McAuley also undertook research to further understand the connections between family violence and homelessness. These were:

  • an overview of ‘lived experience’ of victim-survivors who told us about their experiences, their knowledge and understanding of ‘safe at home’ and what they see as the issues that need to be addressed for more women to be able to stay home safely. This involved consultation with than 40 victim-survivors and included feedback on their experiences with accessing PSIs.
  • in partnership with the University of Melbourne, interviews were conducted with frontline family violence workers as to what they saw as  barriers or enablers to a ‘safe at home’ approach.
  • McAuley prepared a ‘state of knowledge’ of data about the links between homelessness and family violence (note: this is current as of October 2021)

Please note that these reports are at present confidential. We have made them available for those with an interest in understanding this work further, but ask that you contact to discuss before circulating them further.