Court Support 4 kids

The Court Support 4 Kids program aims to reduce the stress and impact of the court process on children and their mothers, and protect them from further traumatisation.

A trained children’s worker is based at the court, providing support to women while they attend to family violence legal matters.

Court Support 4 Kids directly addresses the difficulties faced by women affected by family violence attending court accompanied by their children. Many women are forced to bring their children to court due to safety concerns, and lack of short term day-care.

Not only are the children a distraction to women seeking legal support: the experience can be detrimental to the emotional wellbeing of children, as they are subjected to the retelling of family violence incidents.

Court Support 4 Kids operates  at Sunshine and Ballarat Magistrates’ Courts.

Court Support 4 Kids in 2019-2020

children supported in family violence proceedings

children supported in other court proceedings

women supported in family violence proceedings

women supported in other court proceedings

Court Support 4 Kids

Courts are unsuitable places for children.

An evaluation has shown the value of this innovative program helping women who have little...

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What children tell us about their experience of family violence

We support children in their own right when they come to our safe house,helping them come to terms with the violence they have witnessed or experienced.

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