We helped 801 women and children in 2020-21.

women kept safe from family violence

women who'd been homeless accommodated

women registered to our employment support program

supported by 2 or more McAuley services


Support our efforts and help women and children to build new futures free from violence.


Support our work, helping women and children to rebuild their lives.


‘I feel free to be me’: a story of revival

August 1, 2022

After living on the streets, Ruby found acceptance and understanding at McAuley House. Now she...

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Responding to crisis with ‘hope, strength and reassurance of change’

July 25, 2022

A family violence support worker shares her remarkable story

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A mother finds her way after years of coercion, trauma and debt

June 20, 2022

After fleeing with children, Sarah's debts grew but so did her determination to find security.

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Employment puts Salina ‘back in this world’ after family violence

June 16, 2022

After seeing a park bench as her only option, a young woman fights for her freedom.

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A rewarding job that makes all the right connections

June 14, 2022

Why trauma-trained tutors are critical for children who've experienced family violence

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Expansion of McAuley services a win for those escaping family violence

June 3, 2022

McAuley is set to expand its housing and wrap around services for those escaping family violence...

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Employment program helps Beth to break a cycle of homelessness

May 23, 2022

'It gives you confidence to start – with being productive, feeling like you’re worthwhile...

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From little things, big things grow when you’re volunteering with McAuley

May 17, 2022

A former theatre nurse is now finding calm and planting seeds for the future in a special role.

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