Giving children a voice

We provide direct support to children who have experienced and witnessed family violence.

We provide onsite tutoring and educational support, school holiday program activities, and after-hours children’s support.

Addressing children’s trauma

McAuley recognises that children’s pain and trauma is unique and different in nature to that of their mothers’ and requires a specialist response.

We have a playroom with a specialist children’s worker. Through art, play and conversation, a child’s feelings about what has happened in their family can be explored.

We focus attention on improving the bond between mothers and their children, which has often been damaged by the violence.

Perpetrators of family violence often use ‘divide and conquer’ techniques to damage or undermine a woman’s ability to parent.

Additionally, many women come to our service traumatised and need help to learn how to respond to the distress and trauma of their children.

To rebuild the mother-child bond, we encourage mothers to attend the playroom alongside their children.

Fun activities such as playdough and slime making, collage art and making bubbles, can recapture simple delight in one  another’s company as well as opening up avenues for conversations about how the children are going, and enabling children’s voices and experiences to be heard and reflected on by their mum.

Read about the work of Catherine, a volunteer who is assisting children with their education and find out more about our volunteer tutor program.

Vivid portraits of the emotions of women and children who have experienced family violence

'Smarty pants, kitty or tiger?' is a powerful insight into the impact of family violence.

The book is a compilation of artwork created by women and children living at our family violence safe house.

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In 2019/2020, 338 children were supported...


aged under 10


aged under 2


are fearful of the perpetrator of the violence


have suicidal ideation or self-harming thoughts