Our integrated approach

Services that fit together

Our approach puts each woman at the centre of support regardless of when she first receives our services, the complexity of her need, or recovery time. We bring together health, legal, employment and recreational responses so that women can access this support at their own pace.

We recognise the strengths of the women who come to us and foster their resilience in creating a new future.

The right help at the right time

Our approach addresses all the factors that keep women trapped in cycles of homelessness, family violence and mental illness. Help with those underlying problems is essential for our work to have a lasting impact.

A woman affected by family violence and homelessness often has a disrupted work history making it more likely she will return to a violent relationship: so we support her with tools to find work and build financial independence.

She is frequently isolated: so through the sharing of meals and recreational activities, she has the chance to form new friendships and connections, becoming part of a McAuley community.

Her relationship with her children may have become troubled by the challenges she has faced: we support children in their own right and help nurture the confidence of their mothers.

She may lack basic skills, owe money, and be in poor health: we help her become more financially literate, give her support with legal problems, and ensure her health needs, both physical and mental, are addressed.

She may have endured a day-to-day struggle to survive — a constant fear about her safety and worry about where to ‘crash’. She may be dealing with mental illness or addiction: we provide her with a chance to rest and recover and the right help.

We help women and children navigate from a place of trauma to safety, healing, confidence and hope.

Snapshot of our work in 2017/2018