Engage to change

Our Engage to Change program was developed in recognition of the growing number of working women affected by family violence.

It is an innovative preventative education program, enabling employers and their employees to proactively address family violence in the workplace.

While awareness of the prevalence of family violence is growing, knowing how to respond appropriately in workplace settings is still a challenge.

Engage to Change combines practice wisdom with expert training to provide business leaders, HR managers and staff with a comprehensive analysis of the impacts of family violence in the workplace, and what can be done to prevent it.

In face-to-face interactive training sessions tailored to suit the organisation’s needs, participants are educated about :

  • recognising family violence
  • identifying risks for staff
  • responding effectively to disclosures of family violence
  • knowing where and how to refer women for help.

Engage to Change sessions are conducted in the workplace and delivered by our training partners, CC Management Consulting. They are co-facilitated by a female and a male facilitator, and with one of our frontline workers also present to give perspective on women’s experiences.

The two-step program begins with a two-hour awareness raising program which enables participants to recognise and respond to family violence in their workplace, and builds capacity and confidence to support colleagues experiencing family violence.

Engage to Change also offers a second module on Response Skills, developed by our partners in response to participants’ feedback. Using the ‘crucial conversations’ model, the shared experience of participants, and the organisation’s procedures and policies, this module builds on the two-hour awareness program. This is done within a confidentiality and risk management framework to build a safe and supportive workplace culture.

Contact McAuley Community Services for Women on 03 9362 8900 for information on how to bring Engage to Change to your workplace.